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Dateline May 5, 1998
To help serve you, Webscape® is no longer selling the names and addresses of Webscape® customers to nationwide mailing lists. In particular, we have ended our relationships with "Fat and Naked", a quarterly gay man's magazine, and "Transvestite Senior Citizens", a monthly targeted to a similar audience.

Dateline Feb 12, 1998
Webscape® support has added more staff! To meet your needs as a customer, we have bolstered our two person technical support staff with three new people. Our technical support phone system now has two lines (up from one). While you're waiting on hold, you'll hear the blissful melodies of our very own Patricia Smellard singing along to your favorite rock hits! Her loud, enthusiastic singing shows that we at Webscape® care about you, the customer! Patricia's favorite tune: AC/DC's "Back in Black".

Dateline Dec 18, 1997
We at Webscape® are getting into the Christmas spirit! For the first 10,000 people who Download™ Webscape® 4.0 Alpha 1, we're GIVING AWAY free promotional brochures for the Webscape® 3.0 Browser™.

Dateline Dec 1, 1997
DOWNLOAD™ TIP: Oftentimes new programmers will mistake our web servers for a UPS, a workstation, or they just won't know what it is and will turn it off or reset it a few times to test the hardware. Our programmers most often do this between the hours of 11AM and 4PM, so try not to start the Download™ during those hours. Those of you who have a high speed connection at your office should Download™ the new version during business hours--but don't let the boss find out!

Dateline May 19, 1997
NEWS FLASH!!!? The new Webscape® 4.0 Alpha is ready for download. Visit our Webscape® site to Download™ it! At 74 MB, it may take awhile, so it is best to start the Download™ at night and let it run a few days. Our servers get rebooted frequently, sometimes for no reason at all, so if the Download™ is interrupted, just restart it!